Aitour Trike Basket

SKU: AE2204a1

Looking for a basket for your trike? AITOUR has different sizes of baskets for you to replace to carry more stuff and make shopping easier. Determine the size you need and choose the right basket for your bike. AITOUR is so confident in the quality of our baskets that we offer a one-year warranty. If you can't make a decision, we are always here to help.

20" front: 0.93KG/2.05lb
20" rear: 2.5KG/5.42lb
24" front: 0.9KG/2lb
24" rear: 2.9KG/6.5lb
20" front
L: 27cm/10.6inch
W: 34cm/13.4inch
H: 28cn/11inch
Material: iron

20" rear
L: 55cm/21.6inch
W: 52cm/20.5inch
H: 27cm/10.6inch

24" front
L: 33cm/13inch
W: 28cm/11inch
H: 21cm/8.3inch

24" rear
L: 67cm/26.3inch
W: 57cm/22.4inch
H: 22cm/8.7inch
Guarantee: 1 year
Basket Size: 20" front