Warranty Conditions

AITOUR offers the best warranty for all AITOUR e-bikes and accessories. Below is the relevant warranty information.

1. Warranty

1) AITOUR warrants all AITOUR e-bikes to be free from manufacturing and/or material defects.

2) The manufacturing process of our products involves extensive manual processes. Our warranty covers the structural safety of our products, but imperfections due to manual processes will always exist. Purchasing our products means accepting such defects and it does not in itself justify a refund or warranty.

3) The warranty can only be invoked by the original owner of the e-bike.

4) The warranty is not transferable.

5) The warranty period starts from the date of agreement and delivery after receipt of the goods.

2. Warranty coverage

1) AITOUR offers different warranty years for different parts of AITOUR e-bikes. Customers can decide whether to purchase an extended warranty for your e-bike on the purchase page.

We cover the following under a two-year warranty:

  • Battery
  • Electric Motor
  • Cargo Box (Damage caused by loss of color of the box and/or box components, daily use and/or tear caused by external factors, failure to perform maintenance is not covered by the warranty)

We cover the following under a one-year warranty:

  • Charger
  • Controller

We cover the following under an eight-month warranty:

  • The other electric parts

No warranty for tires, brake pads, and other plastic parts unless there is a manufacturing and/or material defect.

2) AITOUR is not responsible for any repairs or changes that are not authorized by us in advance.

3) If a manufacturing defect is determined to be covered by the warranty, AITOUR shall, at its option, repair or replace the e-bike frame or accessories. AITOUR pays all labor and shipping costs associated with the repair or replacement of the item being replaced, as applicable. Please consult customer service for details.

3. Cases where warranty is not available

All incorrect, inappropriate, or malicious use is not covered by AITOUR’s warranty, including but not limited to

1) Riding up and down directly on the curb, hitting the curb sideways,

2) Overloading,

3) Damage caused by impact or malicious damage in an accident,

4) Using the e-bike for any commercial application, such as rental or marketing,

5) Upgrading, modifying or removing parts from e-bikes at your own discretion,

6) Ride your e-bike on or off the curb with a full load,

7) Riding against the curb,

8) Not having a professional technical repair,

9) Parts later installed do not meet the technical specifications of the relevant e-bike or are installed incorrectly,

10) Cannot show proof of ownership,

11) Other misconduct.

4. Submission of warranty claims

1) AITOUR reserves the right to assess whether the customer’s e-bike is covered by the warranty and to decide whether to accept the claim.

2) AITOUR cannot reasonably assess the defect without checking the e-bike in person and will negotiate with the owner to find an appropriate solution.

3) If a part is covered under warranty and the original is no longer available, AITOUR will suggest a replacement that is at least equivalent.

4) Please contact Customer Service for specific warranty claim procedures.

5) Contact information

Email: support@aitourebikes.com