What Are The Benefits Of Riding An Electric Bicycle?

What Are The Benefits Of Riding An Electric Bicycle?

There is no doubt that the popularity of electric bikes is soaring in recent years, or that sales will continue to rise. The pandemic bike craze that began with the 2019 epidemic has driven sales of electric bikes by 145%, more than twice as much as classic bikes.

Such a boom continues to rise and could see sales of electric bikes reach 130 million worldwide by 2023, according to the study. Electric bikes seem to be replacing cars. So what exactly are the reasons for this phenomenon? Or why are people attracted to e-bikes? In this article, we will analyze three aspects of the benefits that e-bikes bring to people.

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The physical benefits                                     

1. Less strain on your knees and thighs during the ride

E-bikes have a battery-powered “pedal assist”. This is a machine integrated into the bike that gives you a boost to your pedaling. It helps you to conquer hills and slopes so you don’t have to worry about any challenging terrain. This reduces the strain and impact on your knees and thighs. Say goodbye to sweaty rides.

People of all ages and health conditions can ride perfectly and for longer on an e-bike. Longer rides mean more scenery and more possibilities for lunch stops.

2. Regular cycling helps you build muscle and improve fitness

Because e-bikes have pedal assistance, many people feel that this doesn’t help with exercise in any way. In fact, according to scientists, riding an e-bike is a sport and improves fitness just as much as a regular bike.

Between the pedals and the posture, there are undeniable muscle-building benefits to riding an e-bike. And the battery-assisted function of an e-bike makes it possible to ride for longer periods of time. This can improve muscle endurance and strength. Over time, your e-bike habit will result in firmer legs, hips, and core.

Riding an e-bike is for anyone and you never have to be an expert rider. Enjoy e-bike rides through the hills or across town, and if you’re very fit or in great shape, your e-bike will still increase your exercise options.

Plus, when you’re recovering from a sports injury, you can choose an e-bike to keep you exercising on the advice of your doctor. It also gives you the option of getting extra exercise during your commute without forcing you to commit to an intense workout. Even those with chronic disabilities find that e-bikes are a great way to get some low-intensity exercise.


3. Cardiovascular benefits

Riding an e-bike will get your heart rate up. Regular aerobic exercise is vital for enhancing heart health and lung function. Best of all, you can reap the benefits of riding an e-bike when simply running errands or going out to visit friends.

You can also choose to share the work with your bike. For example, the AITOUR electric bike has 7 levels of pedal assist. This option allows you to boost the power of the electric motor when going uphill. It also allows you to challenge yourself to work harder by not boosting the motor power.

4. Longer rides can help boost your metabolism

When you train for longer periods of time at a moderate intensity, your body adapts to its metabolic rate. A higher metabolism means you burn more calories. The fitness benefits of riding an e-bike are then quite obvious.

If you suffer from joint pain, an e-bike offers a gentler ride. You can still get out there and get your blood flowing without having to worry about strain or injury.

Mental benefits

1. Increased fun

Let’s not forget about mental health. Overall, e-bike users burned about 30% fewer calories than those on road bikes, but e-bike riders reported having more fun. Other studies reflect this, with many showing that when cycling becomes easier and more enjoyable, aided by pedaling, it is more likely to become part of people’s daily lives.

2. Reduces anxiety and improves self-esteem

In general, physical activity has been shown to improve mood, and cognitive function as well as reduce stress and ease depression and anxiety. E-bike takes this a step further by providing a fulfilling experience, reducing the anxiety you get, and improving self-esteem, in addition to the endorphins caused by exercise. Regular cycling can reduce stress as well as improve productivity, mood, creativity, and concentration.

Cycling allows you to get out into the fresh air. You can enjoy the sun on your face, satisfy your curiosity by taking new routes and discover the beautiful and inspiring places in your community. There are many studies that point to the mental health benefits of spending time outdoors. Riding an e-bike can even be a social activity. Why not meet up with some friends now and go exploring together?

Other benefits

1. Save you a ton of money

At the moment and in the long run, there is no doubt that an e-bike saves you money compared to a car, and not only in terms of the price. Petrol and diesel are expensive in most countries at the moment and are likely to continue to rise. With an e-bike, on the other hand, you can buy an affordable battery that will last up to 70 kilometers on a full charge. You can also take your spare battery with you if you feel it is not enough.

2. The future of mainstream transport

If you’re paying attention, it’s not hard to see that e-bikes are on the way to going hand in hand with their smart counterparts. Combining with apps to provide smarter travel is already here and will continue to improve over time. Many countries in South East Asia are pioneering the use of e-bikes as a sustainable form of transport, and with urban air pollution continuing to rise, there is great promise for e-bikes.

3. Nature friendly

Climate change and global warming are serious issues and we should all take responsibility for this. E-bikes emit less pollution per kilometer than motorbikes and cars. This can therefore help to improve air quality.

Overall, e-bikes make all activities fun, simple and accessible. You can choose to commute by bike rather than by car without having to worry about getting sweaty or tired. You can take to the bike path without worrying about sore knees. You can join your cycling friends without having to worry about falling behind.

Most importantly, you can go the distance. It’s hard to get bored on an e-bike. The AITOUR electric bike can travel up to 70 km on a full charge. With the aim of making e-bikes affordable for everyone, AITOUR uses its many years of experience to offer the best e-bikes with guaranteed quality, allowing you to discover new routes, expand your horizons and keep your riding fun.

Ready to enhance your fitness and add fun to your life with an e-bike?


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