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Aitour provides you with high-quality cargo bikes and trikes, making your every trip safe and happy.

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Aitour strives to be responsive and to promptly address any questions or concerns that customers may have.

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Aitour ships electric vehicles all over the world, and deliver them safely and completely to every customer.

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Aitour offers a free 14-day trial to allow everyone to experience our product and service.

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with environmentally friendly, convenient and advanced e cargo bikes and trikes

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Delve into the transformative journey of Ark, the visionary founder of AITOUR, and discover how electric bikes, including cargo bikes and adult tricycles, have not only revitalized his health but also enriched his life. Long before the surge in e-bike popularity, Ark's fervor for pioneering cutting-edge, eco-friendly, and user-friendly bicycles was evident. Driven by his unwavering commitment to sustainable transportation, he founded AITOUR, where we wholeheartedly embrace the mission of redefining the way people experience travel.

At AITOUR, our focus extends beyond traditional electric bikes to encompass the innovative realms of electric cargo bikes and adult tricycles. Our commitment to these diverse, eco-conscious mobility solutions reflects our dedication to promoting a healthier and greener lifestyle for all. Explore our inspiring journey and become an integral part of the electric bike, electric cargo bike, and adult tricycle revolution that is reshaping the future of transportation.

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Innovative high-performance energy-saving mid-mounted motor

The motor is tuned through Aitour power self-developed parameters, so that the maximum output torque reaches 120NM. With the supported torque sensor, it is still effortless even if it goes uphill steeply.

Eco-friendly and durable marine-grade plywood

Designed for prolonged exposure to damp, wet and coastal conditions, our case coated marine plywood is assembled with an environmentally compliant waterproof glue that resists delamination. With proper care, you will enjoy years of outdoor use.

Top brake configuration

Germanclamper damper & Taiwan Hydraulic oli disc brake ensure your easy operation and best braking distance to keep you and your kids safe


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