About Us

Hi, I’m Ark, the founder of AITOUR.

From elementary school to the time I owned my first car, the main means of transportation was a bicycle. In my free time, one of my greatest pleasures was riding my bike with my friends to the countryside or even across tens of kilometers to another city. I knew every corner of our villages such as which tree had a bird’s nest, the name of every street in the city I visited, and the sound of our laughter floating in the wind. At that time, I thought that if I could have a faster and more efficient bike, then I could go further away and enjoy more scenery.

However, after work, basically either long hours at the computer or business trips. Years of long periods of sedentary indoors made me feel numbness in my calves and sore knees before I was 40. My doctor diagnosed mild varicose veins and degenerative changes in my right lower extremity and recommended that I get more aerobic exercise and be less sedentary.

I tried running, hiking and even regular biking for quite some time, which had some improvement on my lower extremity numbness, but a little more exercise increased the pain in my knee, including riding a regular bike. Going uphill and upwind was a real challenge for me, and slightly longer rides would not only leave me feeling knee pain but also sore thighs and even exhaustion.

That’s when I remembered our own production of e-bikes, in the past, we are OEM, and ODM processing factory, that only sold to large wholesalers, I usually only do some necessary testing and shorter test rides, and rarely do commuting and long-distance travel.

Once I rode the e-bike, I fell in love with him, especially a two-wheeled cargo bike with mid-motor. I not only ride 15 km to and from work every day, but I usually take my dog potato and family for a whole day ride on weekends. Our battery has enough power to make me worry about not getting home before dark, and after each 60-100 km ride, I can go to work and live as usual the next day. Over the years, the numbness in my calves has become less and less frequent, my knees don’t continue to hurt, and I have more energy than before. It’s like I’ve picked up where I left off and love my life and this city even more.

My experience has also influenced people around me, and many of my friends are attracted to e-bikes. My parents often ride e trike or cargo bike to buy food, and go to the beach or park. Now they enjoy their life extremely and their health is better than before.

And I thought maybe more people can change their life or health because of e-bikes like me, so I set up AITOUR brand to bring the best and cheapest e-bikes directly to everyone and every family.

I want to say that AITOUR is just the beginning, we are always on the way. Join us and enjoy the fun and health that e-bike brings us.