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Looking For Bunch Cargo Bikes? Why Not Try Aitour?

Looking For Bunch Cargo Bikes? Why Not Try Aitour?

It's certainly exciting to consider giving up your car in favor of a modern, effective electric bicycle. This method of transportation can help you save money on gas and be better for the environment. You might feel as if you're destined to spend all of your time in hell if, on the other hand, the car in question is a minivan, and you need to be able to transport more than one child at a time.

Offering a 14-day free trial, Aitour family cargo bikes are easy to take. With them, you are not required to assemble the parts, which is a relief for the new buyers as they have to spend hours figuring out the parts of bikes with others. Aitour is available to help you and can deliver to any part of the world. Aitour cargo bikes are created with a lot of effort and a mindset to serve people better. Before launching our cargo bikes, we studied the operation of different branded cargo bikes to combat their shortcomings. This is the reason why Aitour bike is best in offering everything a user desires. Here are some of the key advantages related to the Aitour cargo bike:

Get a carriage with a lot of space:

Effectively saving space is the battery that is tucked beneath the wooden seat. A huge capacity carriage that can fit two adults or four children. The front-loading carriage's layout allows you to talk with your children while they are transported and keep an eye on how they are doing.

Additionally, 135 kilograms is the maximum weight that can be loaded into the cargo area (or approximately 300 pounds). With things, shifting positions is no longer difficult.

Your cargo bike can be equipped in any way you choose.

Best family cargo bike:

The Aitour Cargo Bike Family C has a safety armrest, a child safety belt, a soft leather cushion, and an anti-slip mat. You can also choose to add any required accessories to your order.

You shouldn't let the weather ruin your time with your family! Along with canopy poles, we also sell detachable canopies. To ensure that your family will be protected from the sweltering sun's rays, gusty winds, and torrential rain, the fully covered awning has undergone "cold testing" and "hot testing." You can safely transport whatever shipment you have, even if it is raining.

Vehicle Box

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the cargo box's curved design lowers the risk of damage, providing it a secure space for your kids or dogs to play while you're driving.

Aitour cargo bike motor

The midsection of the vehicle's brushless motor produces nearly little noise. It makes it easier for the user to ride the bike around.

Because of the enormous battery capacity, you and your family can travel up to 70 kilometers (43 miles) on each charge.

Enjoy some fun in the fresh air while feeling the breeze on your face.

Ranging from technical specifications to the comfort of family, the Aitour bikes do not leave any stone unturned for the bike riders. They aspire to offer more varieties to cater to the modern time needs. From order placement to replying to the issues if found any the Aitour cargo bikes can help you out within minutes and offer perfect services to everyone.


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