Is It Okay To Store Your Trike Bike Outside?

Is It Okay To Store Your Trike Bike Outside?

No, it is not ok to store your bike outside its cover and leave it in the open. There can be many circumstances where you can't keep your bike indoors and are forced to keep them outside. Whatever your reason, numerous techniques, locations, and pieces of advice can assist you in keeping your bike outside while maintaining the durability of its components for as long as is practicable.

Bicycle Parts That Can Be Hurt by Outdoor Bike Storage 

As was previously said, your bike parts may experience damage if they are carelessly kept or left outside for a long time due to the outside temperature and the factors that affect it. But some bicycle components are more vulnerable to harm from various causes than others. Below, we'll take a closer look at each of them separately. 


High-quality chains have the advantage of rusting and degrading far more slowly than chains made of lower-quality stainless steel. This is because stainless steel has higher corrosion resistance. There is no guarantee that they won't rust with time, though. Chains are vital and must be taken care of, just like the other parts. It would help if you cared for them to last longer during warm and cold seasons. 


The frame of your bicycle is its most crucial component, so you should try to keep it in good condition so that it continues to look fantastic and operate well. Unfortunately, it will lose quality and alter in color when exposed to light. No matter what you do, a family cargo bike that has been in your possession for a very long period will eventually start to show its age. If you want to keep it for a long time, you must keep it in an area protected from light and moisture.


As they are made of metal, the bolts on your bicycle risk rusting if exposed to temperatures below freezing. Make it a routine to check for rust on them once every few weeks and to clean any that you find. You can use white vinegar to remove rust from your bike's parts and keep them looking fresh and new.


Depending on the material they are made of, your wires can age and cease working correctly. If your bike's cables are composed of rubber or plastic, sunlight will deteriorate them; if the wires are made of metal, precipitation will cause oxidation to begin. Lubricating the cables in your braking system is essential to keeping them functioning and preventing rusting, both of which can harm your braking system's overall effectiveness.

The seals on a bicycle are meant to prevent moisture from getting into the wheel hubs. If the seals corrode to the point where they are broken, they will cease to function correctly. To avoid damage, ensure the rust is removed, and the items are stored in a dry atmosphere.

Rubber and plastic

The sun's extreme heat may easily cause your bike's rubber tires to rupture. Your tires will blow out because of the high temperatures, forcing the gas to expand. If you leave your bike outside for an extended period, the UV rays from the sun will degrade the plastic and speed up the fading of the colors.

No matter where you store your bicycle, your first concern should always be ensuring it is safe and functioning as intended.

Follow these recommendations and regularly inspect your bike's components if you do decide to store your bike outside to avoid damage and maintain professional riding abilities.

Drawbacks of storing a bicycle in the open air

Unfortunately, there are several drawbacks to putting your family cargo bike outside. If you maintain your motorcycle correctly or keep it out for more than a few days, the parts could be damaged. Additionally, it can make it simpler for thieves to accomplish their goals.

Future corrosion

When the temperature is low, there is a greater chance that your bike will rust. It is highly conceivable that the metal on your motorcycle could begin to deteriorate due to the moisture in the air brought on by the rain and snow. This makes it essential that you store your bike in a secure location free from the harm caused by temperature changes.

Color may Fade

Protecting your bike from the elements while it's hot outside is one of the most important things you can do. The sun's ultraviolet radiation causes colors to fade over time, and your bike's colors are no exception. If you want to keep your bike looking "just-bought" for as long as possible, park it in a shaded area when not using it.

Plastic on the bike can deteriorate.

If you leave your bike in the sun for an extended period in warm weather, the plastic parts will eventually disintegrate. The bicycle's components will inevitably be fragile and may not function as well as they should. As you get ready to store your bike, be sure to keep this information in mind. Make sure it is not directly in the path of the sun.

How Should an Outdoor Bike Be Stored?

How does one store a bike outside is the problem? Obviously, your bike must be secured, but you must also ensure it is weatherproof by covering it. Could you keep it in the shelter or cover it over? You can put several different coverings on your bikes, which are all quite popular. You can either create one yourself or buy one already built.

Bike Cover

Getting a bicycle cover can be your best bet if you plan to leave your bicycle outside for a long time. They are made of a unique material that protects your bike from elements like dirt, dust, and sunshine that could harm it otherwise. Considering that all of these elements make it simpler for your bike to rust, using a bike cover can help you avoid this problem.

Bike Tents

One of the other excellent methods to store your bike effectively. Not only is it financially feasible for you, but it's also a standard option for bike storage outside. You can also keep some of your bike tools or equipment in the extra space.

Bike Sheds

The safest and most expensive of the three options is to store bicycles in sheds. You must purchase a lock for your storage shed after bringing your bike inside to prevent theft while it is inside. They also come in wood, metal, and plastic. The good news is that since they function similarly to a home for your bicycle, they will last for a very long time. You could even construct your wooden shed and have some extra time if you're creative.

The recommendations listed above will help you store your bike and cover it so that it lasts long.


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