Why Choose Aitour Electric Tricycles?

Why Choose Aitour Electric Tricycles?

Tricycles are the best rides on causal routines nearby the houses. They have got a high comfort level for every age standard. The most advanced form of the trike is the Electric one. Aitour is the best brand when it comes to buying electric trikes.

Aitour electric tricycle is a new way to travel that is both eco-friendly and economical. It is a three-wheeled vehicle and has a motor that helps it move. In this article, we will find the main reasons for the 3 wheel tricycle by Aitour.

Advanced Electric working mechanism

In the modern era of trikes, electric ones are considered the most convenient. The Aitour trikes are made with highly advanced technology to meet the requirements. In a 3-wheel tricycle, the pedal support or the electric motor used by Aitour is of a high standard for proper functioning.

Stylish frame design

The trikes by Aitour are designed under the high provision to look suitable for every routine ride. They are designed to provide users with a high degree of comfort. The design is also considered from the operational perspective to make it work flawlessly. Having all these benefits, Aitour is the first choice when purchasing trikes.

High battery timing

Battery timing is the main thing to ponder before purchasing an electric bike. Aitour provides the best electric tricycle for adults with high battery timing. The average battery timing in Aitour trikes is about 65km which is way higher than its competitors. 

Perfect tire size

Tire size is also one of the essential factors for trikes for every vehicle. The perfect tire size provides the trikes grip on the road. It also provides stability to ride when it comes to turning. The ideal tire sizes reduce the risk of losing friction.

Famous hub gears

Aitour trikes have “shimano” Nexus 3-speed hub gears, which enables you to adapt the speed you want. It is one of the critical things that make Aitour the provider of the best electric tricycle for adults. 

Highly working steering handle

Aitour trikes come up with highly efficient steering handles. These make the trikes turn quickly when it comes to getting significant turns. The handles are also designed to provide adequately controlled turning to reduce the risk of unbalancing the trikes.

Huge basket size

The basket is also an exciting factor when purchasing trikes. It makes users freely put all the stuff inside. It is essential for those who go to the market on trikes. Aitour tricycles come with large baskets. The material used to manufacture the basket is also high quality, making it safe for bulkier stuff to put inside.

Environment-friendly working

Tricycles for sale by Aitour are tested time and again to function environment-friendly. The motors inside them also have the minimum amount of sound to make the ride less disturbing.

Good speed factor

Speed is also one of the factors to keep in mind before purchasing trikes. Aitour trikes come with a good speed factor to perform routine tasks perfectly. The trikes come with Shimano Nexus 3-speed to provide speed adjustability during the ride.

Manual pedal option

Aitour 3-wheel tricycle comes with a manual option as well. It allows you to get in working whenever and wherever you want. This option mainly helps users that consider triking for exercise purposes. If you don’t want to get a boost from the motor, you can completely ride it as a common tricycle.

Braking mechanism

Aitour trikes come up with a high-quality braking mechanism. Safety is highly prioritized in trikes during their manufacture.

Affordable cost

Aitour trikes are less expensive in comparison to its competitors. Despite having affordable costs, we have high efficiency in working compared to them. The average cost of Aitour trikes is around €2,199 to €2,249.

No worries about the age factor

Aitour designs all sorts of tricycles that should be used beyond the age factor. Tricycles with adorable designs and high-quality manufacturing materials meet the users going through different phases of life. Aitour is the best option for users of different ages.

Useable on all kinds of tracks

People can easily ride Aitour trikes through all sorts of tracks like village tracks, sea-sides, roads, and other types of rough trails as well. It is also the best option to go for the roadside as well.

Easier parking

Like other trikes, users can park the trike in public. Its parking is as free of cost as of bicycle. Hence, these are the best alternative for cars for people who live in densely populated and hustling places.

Best alternatives for heavier vehicles

Aitour tricycles are the best option for people who face hustled traffic in routine. They have highly efficient motors to start and stop quickly. Their electrical functioning is also the best alternative for increasing fuel prices. 3 wheel tricycle by Aitour is the best option to get rid of traffic dilemmas.

Why Choose Aitour Electric Tricycles?

Aitour electric tricycles offer many advantages over traditional bicycles, including:

·       Increased stability and safety: With three wheels, electric tricycles are much more stable than bicycles. This makes them ideal for riders concerned about falling or being knocked over.

·       Greater carrying capacity: Electric tricycles have big baskets. This makes them ideal for errands, shopping trips, or short journeys.

·       Easy to operate: Electric tricycles, with a simple throttle that controls the speed, are easy to operate. This makes them ideal for riders who are not experienced with bicycle gears and shifting.

Aitour electric tricycles are a great way to get around town. They are environmentally friendly, and they don't require any gasoline. Inevitably, Aitour electric tricycles are a great choice for those looking for an eco-friendly and efficient way to get around. Whether you are looking for a leisurely ride around the neighborhood or a more powerful machine to help you commute, Aitour has you covered.

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