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What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Aitour Cargo Bikes?

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Aitour Cargo Bikes?

Cargo bikes offer many advantages in busy urban traffic - especially for people who have to get around every day. Advantages like space saving, environmental friendliness, health, and the list go on and on. We’d like to go into more detail about the advantages and disadvantages of the Aitour electric cargo bike in this post.

Top 5 advantages of Aitour Cargo Bikes

1. Improve the quality of urban life.

Using cargo bikes protects the environment. This type of mobility greatly reduces CO2 emissions and helps save space. If each person commutes 5 kilometers per day on a cargo bike, they can help reduce CO2 emissions by at least several hundred kilograms per year. In addition, this can also help improve air quality - especially in urban areas.

The ground can also benefit. In order to park cars and trucks, parking areas must be created and the soil sealed, which then loses its natural function. In contrast, cargo bikes take up many times less land. One car parking space can accommodate approximately three to four cargo bikes. Parking spaces that are no longer needed can be re-naturalized as green spaces, thus improving the quality of life in the city.

2. High carrying capacity, convenience, and safety.

Compared to regular bicycles, cargo bikes can transport more cargo - usually, over 100 kilograms - in the same way, and are more convenient and safer.

Compared to cars, cargo bikes are more energy efficient and economical, and are small enough to navigate narrow streets and alleys - something cars can’t do. With the batteries, electric cargo bikes are even better at climbing hills and transporting short and medium distances.

Electric cargo bikes provide reliable support for “last-mile” delivery in congested urban centers, solving the public health pollution and climate problems associated with idle trucks.

3. Very cost-effective

Research by Transport for London has shown that the average load capacity of a van is only 38%. About 40% of vans are less than a quarter full, making cargo bikes a direct competitor, with a potential load capacity of 250 kg. The cost of powering an e-bike is about 1 cent per mile, a fraction of the cost of using a conventional diesel van. Analysis shows that transportation on two wheels costs 90% less than a van or truck. Electric cargo bikes are exempt from rising fuel costs, congestion charges, parking fees and fines, ultra-low emission zone fees, vehicle taxes, and high insurance premiums.

4. The best transportation for short trips with kids.

For parents, the family cargo bike saves a lot of trouble. They can put the kids, toys, odds, and ends in the cargo box, and can supervise kids while riding the bike for exercise without worrying about kids crying as they do on the bus or subway. And for the kids, the box is a very safe, comfortable, and fun semi-open space.

5. Make selling more convenient.

For street vendors, a cool cargo bike not only makes it easier to sell goods but also attracts more attention with its beautiful appearance. Bikes with boxes can be used for “storage and sales”. All of these advantages have made cargo bikes popular. And a good-looking cargo bike needs only a little dressing up to be quite eye-catching.

What are the main disadvantages of using an Aitour electric cargo bike?

As with any type of bicycle, there are certainly some disadvantages that should be considered when purchasing one.

Electric cargo bikes are powerful, heavy, and long, therefore, parking them in cities may be a bit difficult if the infrastructure is not designed for this purpose.

Attention needs to be paid to battery life and how far you will ride each day. If you have to ride long distances, it is recommended that you fully charge your cargo bike in advance (unfortunately, charging stations are not available everywhere.) and it is recommended that you buy an extra battery for backup. Your electric cargo bike will become an extra burden if the cargo bike breaks down, and a cargo bike without electricity also will be harder to ride.

Choosing a good cargo bike is never an easy task. If you happen to be looking for your first cargo bike or are on the fence about buying one, why not have a chat with us?

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