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How Much Weight Can Be Towed Using An Electric Cargo Bike?

How Much Weight Can Be Towed Using An Electric Cargo Bike?

Cargo bikes are much heavier than regular bikes and require more pedaling power if you ride your bike up hills. When going downhill, you will need more braking power. When you ride an electric cargo bike, the pedal assist feels like someone is pushing you from behind.

What is the weight of a cargo bike?

A cargo bike with a battery weighs about 65 to 75 kg. An electric cargo bike weighs about 6 to 10 kg more than a non-electric cargo bike. This weight difference is the result of all the electronic components, the battery, and the motor. Fortunately, the powerful pedal assist means you won't notice the higher weight of an electric cargo bike and it allows you to ride effortlessly.

Do electric cargo bikes feel heavy to ride?

Electric cargo bikes do not feel heavy to ride because the pedal assist provides a smooth riding experience. The mid-mounted motor is located in the middle of the cargo bike, on the bottom bracket, meaning the center of gravity is low and centered, which ensures good grip and the most natural and stable riding experience. On cargo bikes with rear motors, the motor is located on the rear wheel, which means that the weight and center of gravity are also at the rear of the bike.

Why is the load-bearing capacity of electric cargo bikes important?

Often, the braking system plays an integral role in the safety of riding an e-bike, as it can help you slow down or even stop suddenly to avoid a collision.

In most cases, inspection and maintenance can help solve this problem, and the maximum load or weight limit that an electric cargo bike is designed to carry ensures that it operates as intended.

For beginners, excess weight can easily wear out and damage the braking system, putting you at risk.

The weight limit is also related to the strength of the bike's components. For example, excess weight can lead to bent rims, broken spokes, and damage to the saddle and handlebars.

How much weight can Aitour cargo bike carry?

The maximum load capacity of the cargo area of a two-wheeled electric cargo bike is 180 kg.

The maximum load capacity of the cargo area of a three-wheeled electric cargo bike is 200 kg.

The maximum load of the saddle is 120 kg.

How should you distribute the weight of your cargo bike?

It is recommended to distribute the weight of the cargo bike correctly. If your children and/or dogs move around a lot in a cargo bike, you will feel it while riding. To get the best weight distribution, they should sit on the steering side of the bench. If you place your grocery purchases in your cargo bike, you can place them in the cargo area instead of on the bench, which lowers the center of gravity and makes the ride easier.

Weight affects the radius of movement

If you're riding a fully loaded non-electric cargo bike, you'll have to pedal hard. But with an electric cargo bike, you don't have to pedal as hard. The auxiliary motor will take the load off your shoulders.

The weight of the cargo bike affects the radius of action. The higher the weight of the cargo bike, the more difficult the motor will work and the smaller the radius of action.

How much does a cargo bike battery weigh?

The average lithium-ion battery for cargo bikes weighs about 3 kg. These lightweight batteries are easier to use due to their low self-discharge rate. Larger-capacity batteries are also heavier than smaller-capacity batteries.

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