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How Does An Aitour Electric Cargo Bike Work?

How Does An Aitour Electric Cargo Bike Work?

Essentially, electric cargo bikes are just regular cargo bikes. They simply rely on additional components working in concert to make them run, including an electric motor, a battery, sensors, and an electronic display. All of Aitour electric cargo bikes use pedal assist. The motor is activated only when the pedal is already working, which means it allows you to still get your workout in and make your ride easier because of adding power. We will explain how the main components of an electric cargo bike work.

Main components

Electric cargo bikes rely on components that work together. Electric cargo bikes have three main components, motor, battery, and sensor.


Electric cargo bikes have motors that can be placed in different locations, each with its own benefits. There are two types of motors, front/rear hub motors, and mid-drive motors. From the name, we know the position of the motor.

The main purpose of the motor is to provide torque when you pedal. The more advanced the motor, the more torque it provides. The more torque you have, the more power you will get from your bike.

Aitour Cargo Bike Motor


Batteries on electric cargo bikes can be located in different locations on the bike, usually depending on the frame type and size. The make, model, and type all have different effects on the battery, meaning they need to be charged for different amounts of time. The average charge time for most batteries is five to six hours. Charging your cargo bike battery is easy, just like charging your cell phone.

Cargo Bike Battery


The sensor on an electric cargo bike is a very important component. There are two main types of sensors, speed sensors, and torque sensors.

The speed sensor starts the motor as soon as you start pedaling, thus providing you with riding assistance.

The torque sensor is smarter. It is more responsive and requires only a small amount of assistance to respond to your speed, helping to increase speed and maneuverability.


What types of motors are available for Aitour electric cargo bikes?

The Aitour electric cargo bike line uses a variety of motors, including rear and mid-mounted motors from a range of manufacturers including BAFANG, ANANDA, and AKM. The mid-mounted motors in our Family C, Family S, and Basalt series provide a higher level of power and are perfect for outdoor travel.

Components working together

The key to any quality electric cargo bike is to make sure all the components work together. The battery, motor, and sensor combination will provide all the help needed for a smooth ride. The battery powers the motor that drives the drivetrain, giving you all the help you need to tackle hills and long rides. The sensors allow you to control how much assistance is provided and how much power is sent from the motor to the drivetrain.

How to use

Now that we know the main components, how do you use your electric cargo bike?

All of Aitour electric cargo bikes have pedal assist, which means you need to pedal in order for the electric assist to work. To use your electric cargo bike, you just need to ride the bike as usual. Once you have pedaled, use the display on your electric cargo bike, which is usually located on the handlebars to turn on the power assist. You will then have the assist level options, which can be changed using the plus and minus buttons on top of the display.


Charging an electric cargo bike is easy - just like your cell phone or laptop. You simply plug it into any wall outlet. Battery charging can take 6 to 8 hours, and the time required depends on the make and model of the battery.

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