What Make AITOUR E-bikes Different Than Other E-bikes?

What Make AITOUR E-bikes Different Than Other E-bikes?

There are a variety of electric bicycle brands on the market, so what’s so special about Aitour electric bikes, let’s take a deeper look inside.

1. All accessories are from famous brands

All the accessories of Aitour electric bikes are from famous brands, including but not limited to Shimano nexus shift hubs, Tektro brake levers, Promax handlebars, Bengal hydraulic disc brakes, Bafang or Ananda mid-mounted motors, Innova/Kenda puncture-proof tires, Samsung cells, ABUS locks, etc.

2. Superior production process

a. Buy material

The frame is made of aluminum alloy, which has the advantages of being lightweight, having good elasticity, easy to process in the shape, can be made into shaped tubes, has good resistance to moisture and oxidation, and will not rust.

b. Prepare material

Machine cutting, pressing shape, punching/stamping, calibration.

c. Assembly and welding

Assemble the head tube, upper tube, lower tube, middle tube, and other parts. Spot welding first, then welding (fish-scale welding or flat welding).

The picture below shows fish-scale welding because the plane looks like a fish scale, so it is called fish-scale welding.

fish-scale welding

Flat welding is one more process than fish-scale welding, that is, on the basis of the completion of fish-scale welding, the surface is filled with another layer of welding to fill the flat, the weld is polished to make the weld look smoother, increase the strength and look more beautiful.

Flat welding

If there is no gap between two metal joints, the strength of flat welding and fish-scale welding is about the same, if there is a gap, the strength of fish-scale welding will be higher. A gap has to be welded 2 to 3 times, that is, priming, filling, cover or priming, cover. There is not much difference in strength.

We also remind you not to choose some cheap, non-branded frame, because welding is an important factor in determining the frame, AITOUR has a good QA, and QC control, and uses an X-ray machine to test the welding place to check if there are bubbles, and false welds, etc. during the welding process. And those cheap frames are mostly of poor quality and are likely to have accidents during use.

d. Frame heat treatment T4, T6, grinding, correction

T is the meaning of treatment, and the number is the heat treatment method. This is also a key process in the production of a frame. The factory with good technology and cost will carry out frame shaping, then T4 and shape the bike, and then T6. If the temperature and time are precisely controlled during the treatment, the finished frame will have good strength and toughness and will not be prone to problems in use. Conversely, if the heat treatment process is not proper, the final product will be inferior.

Before the T6, the T4 is usually done for a period of ten hours or so, after which it is discharged from the heat treatment furnace, then cooled, calibrated, and then entered into the T6 furnace for more than twenty hours. When finished, it will be checked again to see if calibration is needed. If not, then the baking can begin.

e. Stoving varnish

First pickled to make it phosphate, cleaned, and then baked dry for stoving varnish. The reason for doing this is to prevent corrosion and to make the surface look beautiful. After this step is completed, the bike can be fully assembled.

f. Quality assurance

After the assembly of the whole car is completed, the quality department will inspect each car, and after the inspection is qualified, the car will be shipped. The reason for doing this is to prevent corrosion and to make the surface look beautiful. After the baking paint is completed, we can carry out the whole car assembly.

d. Quality Assurance

After the assembly of the whole electric bike is completed, the quality department will inspect each bike, and after the inspection is qualified, the bike will be shipped.

The inspection standards are as follows

# Appearance inspection

  • The frame number matches the order number, the number is clear and even, consistent with the process card information, and the frame has no leakage of welding, or cracks.
  • The frame paint color is uniform without a color difference. The applique has no air bubbles, warped edges, and obvious misalignment.
  • The body parts are free of bumps and scratches.
  • The whole bike meets the order requirements.

#Electrical systems

Battery for charging and discharging test, motor, and control system for matching test.

cargo bike battery

#Complete vehicle assembly

  • The fasteners of the whole vehicle are tightened, with no missing and no loosening
  • The whole vehicle wiring is not exposed
  • Braking system and shifting system inspection
  • The front fork and frame are flexible without loosening
  • Front and the rear light switch is flexible, with no malfunction
  • No interference and friction between the components of the whole bike

3. Comprehensive after-sales service

We have an after-sales service center (store and warehouse) in Germany and an assembly plant in Poland. And we provide 24 hours online service, 14 days no reason to return or exchange, so you have no worries about your purchase. If you are not satisfied with the electric bike you got, you can contact us to return it without any charge. We also offer a test ride service. If you happen to be near one of our offline stores, you can go directly to experience it.

4. Complete certification

Aitour has sound certifications, such as the EN15174 certification for European countries, CE certification, TUV certification, UKCA certification, UN38.3 certification (for all batteries), etc.

5. Innovative models

According to the demand of everyone, Aitour goes to the European bike show every year, does market research regularly, updates and upgrades products quickly, and keeps innovation.

6. Personalized and customized service

Aitour has a dedicated design and development department, which can customize electric bikes according to the different needs of customers. if you have customization needs, you can contact our customer service.

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