What Is The Safest Way To Lock A Trike?

What Is The Safest Way To Lock A Trike?

The truth that thieves frequently target electric bicycles is a frustrating but inescapable reality. Electric bicycles and tricycles are simple targets for thieves due to their high value and frequently insufficient anti-theft protection.

Either the individual parts of the e-bike are taken, or the complete electronic bicycle is taken in one go, which are the two most common ways that e-bikes are stolen. Your best action at this juncture is safeguarding yourself against these possible outcomes.

  • Choose a location in a public area that has a lot of accessible light and is busy with people. Cameras should ideally observe it.
  • To secure the bike, choose a sturdy, unmoving object; ideally, use a cycle stand or rack parking made specifically for that use.
  • Make certain the bike is firmly attached to the stable, stationary object.
  • Use only locks that "Sold Safe" has approved. Two high-quality locks should be used in any country with a medium to high risk of theft.

Remove all valuables from the bike. On the wheels and the seat support, consider using safety fasteners rather than quick releases. The anti-theft defense offered by these specialty security bolts can benefit other bike parts.


Even under the best conditions, finding a place to store your bike can be difficult, but it is crucial to locate the ideal location.

If a purpose-built, secure cycle parking facility is not an option, the second alternative is to look for a collection of public bike stands in a busy, well-lit area. The ideal situation would be for the area to be watched by security cameras and for there to be no signs of bike theft, such as lone locked wheels, cycle halves, or broken locks on the ground. Using the stand properly should enable you to lock the bike to it without experiencing any pain.

Avoid locking your bicycle in any railings or other buildings. In addition to being against the law, doing so could result in the facility or authority taking your bicycle away. The item can also be harmed, cut, or unlocked by the person who took it. For instance, you may have seen bicycles fastened to sign poles placed along sidewalks; however, these are known as "sucker poles" because the sign can be easily taken down and the bicycle hoisted over the top of the pole.

You will most frequently encounter the "Sheffield Stand," distinguished by its appearance that mimics a staple. You should be able to secure the frame precisely and both wheels to it using this stand. You must confirm its legitimacy. To slide the lockout of its housing and steal the object, the thief may cut or partly remove them from their concrete base.

Avoid racks shaped like toast holders that can only support the bicycle's front tire when secured to the rack. The restricted holding capability of these racks makes them easy to spot. Some of them, though not frequently, have a bar that extends back to the frame so that it can be secured. However, it would help if you tried to avoid the other types.

You should be cautious about locking your motorbike in the same location daily if it is visible to the public. Particularly if the person who stole your bike knows you will be gone from the bike stands for a specific period. Even though most criminals prey on unsuspecting victims, some scout out particular locations and commit theft on demand. If you find out someone has tried to open your lock, you should do something to stop them the next day.

If your place of work or any other nearby facility does not already have adequate bicycle storage, please let them know about the various bicycle parking options mentioned on this page. This will make it possible to fix the problem.


However, this does not mean all locks are equivalent just because a thief with the right tools can quickly open any bike lock. A U-lock or chain made of steel that has been hardened can make it more challenging for thieves to cut through the material. However, a burglar will almost definitely use a bolt cutter to try to open a lighter, more affordable cable lock. Before deciding on the degree of security your electric trike needs, consider where and how long you'll be away from it.


In large cities with a high crime rate, U-Locks are a crucial addition to the security system of all-day lockups. Using a U-Lock and another lock adds a degree of security against theft. The U-Lock can be quickly secured and unlocked because its structure cannot be altered. This lock's construction prevents leverage-based assaults, but the fixed object to which it is fastened cannot be wider than the lock's "U" shape. Each length of the "U" design is available for purchase individually and comes in a range of widths.

Chain Locks:

A chain lock is another excellent lock that offers total protection. Almost any significant object—or, to be more precise, almost any object—can be used to secure the chain lock. By weaving the chain through the tricycle's different parts, you can increase its security level. A U-lock and a chain lock together will offer another level of security against burglars. The more expensive chain locks have a nylon coating that encircles the chain and shields it from dents.

Folding Locks:

In the world of locks, Folding Locks is a comparatively recent invention. These bad boys are a recent lock designed to address problems with conventional u-locks and bike chains. However, they will offer you a wider range of securing options than a u-lock would due to the flexibility with which it can be made. You can secure your tricycle to a lamppost or utility pole or lock two bicycles together. Due to its lightweight construction and compact design, a foldable lock is easier to carry than a conventional U-lock. Despite being on the less secure end of the scale, folding locks can be used to secure two bicycles and combined with a chain lock or u-lock for even greater security.

Cable Locks:

In addition to being less expensive than other options, Cable Locks are also portable, light, and fast to secure. Per our firm recommendation, never secure your Trike with just a cable clip! You can be confident it will be taken from you if you lock your tricycle with a cable lock. It is certain of this. The time is just a question of when it will occur. In this scenario, you should not use a cable lock as your main lock, which is the first and most important thing to remember. Most people will use it in addition to a chain lock or a u-lock as security.

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