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Mechanical VS Hydraulic: Which Is The Best Brakes?

Mechanical VS Hydraulic: Which Is The Best Brakes?

The bicycle braking system is a very important part of the bicycle, no less important than the frame of the bicycle. Because the braking system affects not only the performance of the bike but even the safety of the rider.

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The disc brake system for electric bikes is mainly divided into two types, one is mechanical disc brakes, and the other is hydraulic disc brakes. At present, more bikers use hydraulic disc brakes, and a small number of bikers use mechanical disc brakes. So, what is the difference between mechanical disc brakes and hydraulic disc brakes?

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Mechanical Disc Brakes

Mechanical disc brakes, also known as cable brakes, are often seen on entry-level bikes. Because mechanical disc brakes are much cheaper than hydraulic disc brakes.

The working principle of mechanical disc brakes is that it can give the brake handle to pull the wire and push the internal single-sided or bilateral brake pads, so that the brake pads and brake discs friction, so as to produce braking force.

The braking power of mechanical disc brakes is basically enough for daily use. The braking force of mechanical disc brakes is good, and it is also possible to reach the critical point of clamping. But for many heavy bikes, that is not enough.

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But on the other hand, mechanical disc brakes are very easy to repair. When riding long distances, some riders also choose mechanical disc brakes.

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Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The hydraulic disc brake mainly pushes the brake oil in the oil pot through the brake lever, and the brake oil simultaneously pushes the piston of the caliper, causing friction between the brake pads, thereby generating braking force.

Mechanical VS Hydraulic

Hydraulic disc brakes can be found on both entry-level bikes and professional-level bikes. The main reason for this is that there is a hierarchy of entry-level bikes with entry-level hydraulic disc brakes and professional-level bikes with professional-level hydraulic disc brakes.

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Hydraulic disc brakes are much better than mechanical disc brakes, both in terms of performance and heat dissipation function. Hydraulic disc brakes can meet many types of electric bikes in terms of braking power, such as mountain racing or off-road bikes, but hydraulic disc brakes are also more troublesome to repair.

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In terms of price, entry-level hydraulic disc brakes are also more expensive than entry-level mechanical disc brakes. And in terms of feel, hydraulic disc brakes are also much better and very smooth. When we choose disc brakes, we have to choose according to our actual situation and choose the most suitable for us.

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In summary, hydraulic disc brakes and mechanical disc brakes have the following advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of mechanical disc brakes:

- Easier to replace

- Cheaper

- Easy to maintain

Disadvantages of mechanical disc brakes:

- Requires more manual squeeze force to activate

- Requires more maintenance

- Stretched brake lines

- Heavier

Advantages of hydraulic disc brakes:

- Longer service life

- Less maintenance

- Greater braking power

Disadvantages of hydraulic disc brakes:

- Very complicated to maintain

- Expensive

- Difficult to repair

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