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8 Factors That Affect Electric Cargo Bike Mileage

8 Factors That Affect Electric Cargo Bike Mileage

There are many questions that everyone considers before choosing an electric cargo bike. One frequently asked question is, how long will my electric cargo bike battery last on a single charge? The tricky answer is: It depends. We know that's not very helpful, but bear with us through this article and you'll see our point.

Battery Power

There is no doubt that your battery level will determine how far your electric cargo bike will take you. Every electric cargo bike comes with an estimated maximum range, but it's worth noting that this number is only for a fully charged battery. If you want to get the most out of your electric cargo bike, make sure it's fully charged before you use it. Many new electric cargo bike owners make the mistake of riding their electric cargo bike on the road the moment it arrives. This can shorten battery life and range.

Battery Performance

One of the most critical factors in determining the range of an electric cargo bike is the capacity and performance of the battery. It is common for electric cargo bike owners to mistake battery capacity for mileage. However, they do not mean the same thing. A better-performing battery will last longer than other batteries of the same capacity, and the range of an electric cargo bike will be longer when fully charged.

Riding Modes

Most electric cargo bikes have throttle and pedal assist modes. With throttle mode, your electric cargo bike will work just like a motorcycle or scooter. The motor provides power and propels you forward without the need to pedal. With a pedal assist system (PAS), you need to pedal and the motor provides the power to help you pedal more easily and move faster than a regular bike. That's why pedal assist mode is more energy efficient than pure electric mode. If you want to extend the range of your electric cargo bike, lighten up on the throttle and pedal more. You can also choose between energy saving and effort saving by selecting different assist levels, with assist level 1 meaning the motor provides only a little help and level 5 meaning you only need to pedal a little.

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Heavier bikes and riders will reduce the battery range of your electric cargo bike. When transporting cargo or passengers, you will have to pedal harder or raise your assist level, both of which will drain the battery faster. The heavier the rider, the more energy the engine will need from the battery supply, reducing the maximum distance traveled. The same is true for any load we carry on our electric cargo bikes - every pound counts.

Tire pressure

If your tires do not have enough pressure or are not fully inflated, the friction between the tires and the ground will increase and require more energy or pedaling to move.

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Adverse weather conditions can also affect the performance and mileage of your electric cargo bike. For example, riding your electric cargo bike in high winds will reduce your range because you need more energy to propel your bike forward. Extreme temperatures can also affect your range - cooler temperatures reduce the energy storage capacity of your battery.

Road Conditions

Riding a bike on steep slopes requires more effort than riding on flat terrain, and the terrain you travel will also determine how often you use your brakes, which is more like offsetting the energy produced by the battery.

The overall condition of your electric cargo bike

The overall condition of your bike will affect all aspects of its performance, especially mileage. Wear and tear from extended use will also affect the bike's performance and require you to use more energy to pedal or more pedal assist.

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