Cargo Bikes

Are seat belts and benches included?

Yes, all our AITOUR cargo bikes are equipped with seat belts and benches. And the benches are removable.

Are rain and sun cover included?

No, it is not included. All of our cargo bikes can be equipped with a rain and sun cover, which can be purchased separately. Click here to check our rain and sun cover and choose the one that suits your cargo bike model.

Do my kids need to wear helmets?

Yes! To keep you safe, we recommend that all children and adults wear helmets while riding.

Can I mount a child bike seat on the rear rack of my AITOUR cargo bike?

Yes, you can, but our child seat adapters are still being designed and developed at present. We recommend that child bike seats are not installed for the time being to avoid danger.

Can adults ride in the cargo box?

Of course yes. All AITOUR cargo bikes allow adults to sit in the cargo box. The max loading capacity of the cargo area of our three-wheeled cargo bike is 300 lb/136 kg. Note that the weight of two adults cannot exceed this.

Can I carry my pets on my AITOUR cargo bike?

Yes, you can. Let your dog jump in the cargo box or carry her/him in and put on the seat belt. Make sure your dog is not too naughty or she/he may struggle to get out of the cargo box.

Can the seat and steering bar be adjusted?

Yes. The steering bar can be adjusted manually. The height of the seat requires you to use a tool like a wrench to turn a screw to adjust it.

How fast can I go using AITOUR cargo bike electrical assist?

In order to comply with all regional laws, we have a maximum speed limit of 25km per hour.

What is the AITOUR Cargo Box made of?

AITOUR upholds the concept of environmental protection, cargo boxes are poplar eucalyptus core, birch wood surface, waterproof and weather-resistant.

How long does the battery last per charge?

We can’t be sure exactly how long the battery will last, because it depends on many factors. But what we can tell you is that a full charge will allow you to ride for about 50 to 70 km. The more power you use and the more stuff you carry, then this riding range will be reduced accordingly.

How does the motor operate?

All of our cargo bikes used mid-motor. It is powered by a rechargeable battery pack stored under the front cargo box seat. The motor uses a torque sensor in the pedals to adjust the motor’s output based on how hard you are pedaling. You can adjust the level of pedal assistance using the control panel mounted on the handlebars. At the higher levels, the electric motor can make biking uphill feel as easy as biking on level ground. You can also use the included thumb throttle to manually control the motor without pedaling.

Where can I test ride?

You can send an email to [email protected] and let us know where you would like to test ride. Our customer service will get back to you as soon as possible with our test ride address.

Where can I find the User Guide and Manual?

You can get the user guide and manual you want by sending an email to [email protected] to contact our customer service.


Who is AITOUR electric trike for?

For adults. Currently our two electric trikes are designed for adults, you can choose the right one for you according to your height.

The Heal Mini is suitable for people between 160cm to 165cm in height, while the Heal Middle is more suitable for people between 165cm to 195cm in height.

How fast does AITOUR electric trike go?

In order to comply with all regional laws, we have a maximum speed limit of 25km per hour.

Which AITOUR electric trike is right for me?

The two current models of AITOUR electric trikes are identical in terms of configuration. However, they differ in size, color, and appearance. You can decide which one you want according to your preference and height. More electric trikes are still being developed, so stay tuned.

If you are not sure which one to choose, please contact our customer service at s[email protected], we are always here to help you!

How long can my AITOUR electric trike be fully charged?

It takes approximately 4-6 hours for the battery to be fully charged. You just need to directly connect the charger to charge. The indicator light shows red when charging and green when fully charged. The battery is removable, which means you can also just take it off and charge it when it’s not convenient.

Why do I choose an electric trike instead of a non-electric trike?

Electric tricycles and non-electric tricycles are just as great. But electric tricycles are better for people who need some electrical assistance, which makes it easier for us to go upwind or climb hills while making our journey more relaxed and enjoyable. And the AITOUR electric trike has a special sway function that prevents you from falling over when turning. In short, AITOUR electric trike is very safe and comfortable.

I’ve never ridden an electric trike before, is it difficult to learn?

Absolutely not. But at the very beginning, we recommend taking some time to get used to riding an electric trike. Try to relax your body as you ride and slowly get used to the feel of the trike. Remember, you won’t fall over. Trust your bike. Then start to add a little boost and master the brakes. About a few back and forth, you can easily learn to ride your AITOUR electric trike.

Is the AITOUR electric trike waterproof? Can I put it outside?

Yes, our trikes are waterproof, but it is not recommended to leave them outside for long periods of time in order to prolong their life.

Do I need to maintain AITOUR electric trike regularly?

Our electric trikes are rigorously tested at every step of the production process and are test ridden before delivery to ensure that each customer gets a trike of the highest quality, so our trikes don’t need regular maintenance to last a long time. But if you want your bike to look new all the time and last longer on top of that, we are here to support you in doing so.


How long is the warranty on the purchased accessories?

We offer different warranty years for different accessories. You can see the warranty years on the product detail page of each accessory.

Shipping and Returns

How can I track my order?

Once your item has been shipped, you will receive an email notification with your order number as well as the tracking number.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we do ship products all over the world. However, since our warehouse is in Europe, the shipping rates on our website are only for users in European countries. If you are not in Europe, please contact our customer service for shipping costs to your location, otherwise, we reserve the right to refuse delivery to you.

What is your shipping time?

Please check our Shipping and Return Policy for details.

What are your shipping rates?

Please check our Shipping and Return Policy for details.

Is it true that I can return my AITOUR electric bike for free for 14 days?

I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true. As long as you are not satisfied with the AITOUR electric bike you have received, you can send us a return request within 14 days. Once your request has been approved and the returned goods meet our return criteria, we will refund all the costs you have paid and pay the return shipping costs you have covered.

Please check our Shipping and Return Policy for details.

What is your return policy?

AITOUR is committed to providing you with the best shopping experience possible. Click here to check our Shipping and Return Policy for details.


What is your warranty?

AITOUR offers the best warranty for all AITOUR e-bikes and accessories. Click here to check our Warranty for details.

If I have a problem with my AITOUR electric bikes, how do I get a warranty?

If your AITOUR electric bike is covered by the warranty, we will warranty it for you.

1)     AITOUR cannot reasonably assess the defect without personally inspecting the e-bike and will consult with you to find an appropriate solution.

2)     If a part is covered by the warranty and the original part is no longer available, AITOUR will recommend a replacement part that is at least equivalent.

3)     Please contact customer service to inform us of the condition of your bike and we will provide you with the most satisfactory warranty service.

Click here to check our Warranty for details.

Payment and Policy

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal.

Does AITOUR Bikes have any discounts and promotions?

Yes. We sometimes give special offers and run some promotions. Subscribe to us to keep up to date with our special offers and new models.

Does AITOUR have a refer-a-friend program?

Yes. Click here to learn about our Reward Program and Refer-a-friend Program.

General Questions

How do I assemble my new AITOUR bike myself?

You do not need to assemble it. The AITOUR bike you receive is fully assembled which means you can ride it as soon as you remove the packaging.

We currently do not offer the unassembled option at present.


Can I customize my bike by adding or removing parts?

Totally fine. Email us at [email protected] to tell us your requirements and we will design the electric bike model you want.

How do I get the cheapest wholesale price?

Contact our sales staff at [email protected] and we will give you a detailed quote for the electric bike you want.

Do my wholesale bikes come with a warranty?

Yes! We offer warranties on all our wholesale electric bikes. Each part is covered for a different number of years. Contact us at [email protected] for more information on warranties.

How do we guarantee the quality of our production electric bikes?

There is always a pre-production sample before mass production.

We carry out a final inspection of all electric bikes before delivery to ensure that you receive high-quality, trouble-free electric bikes.

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